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Darren Aronofsky (born February 12, 1969) is an American filmmaker.He has received acclaim, and generated controversy, for his often surreal, disturbing films.Rourke won a Golden Globe, as did Bruce Springsteen for his original song written for the film.The Wrestler grossed ,674,354 worldwide on a budget of ,000,000 making it Aronofsky's highest-grossing film to that point.

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He was paid ,000, and worked for three years with nearly the same production team as his previous film.

The film was an international hit, eventually grossing over 2 million worldwide. , was released to theaters on September 15, 2017, by Paramount Pictures; the film sparked controversy upon release due to its biblical allegories and depiction of violence, Aronofsky was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1969, the son of public school teachers Charlotte and Abraham Aronofsky.

He grew up in the borough's Manhattan Beach neighborhood, where he was "raised culturally Jewish, but there was very little spiritual attendance in temple.

The following month Cage left the project, and Mickey Rourke replaced him in the lead role.

Aronofsky said that Cage pulled out of the movie because Aronofsky wanted Rourke to star; Aronofsky said, stating that Cage was "a complete gentleman, and he understood that my heart was with Mickey and he stepped aside.

I have so much respect for Nic Cage as an actor and I think it really could have worked with Nic but, you know, Nic was incredibly supportive of Mickey and he is old friends with Mickey and really wanted to help with this opportunity, so he pulled himself out of the race." Cage responded, "I wasn't quote 'dropped' from the movie.

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