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That is too many calories and once a child’s body has enough vitamins, the extra vitamins are simply eliminated unused.

All of my kids started drinking only water for meals at 6 months. They were still on formula and had bottle feedings regularly at that age, too.) Then when we weaned them off the bottle, they got only water in their cups for meals and now and then got to drink a half cup of milk or chocolate milk just for a snack. That just fills them up and then they aren’t hungry for the actual food.

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The main point in my original story was that if you are in debt, you should not be spending thousands of dollars a year giving your kids a never ending supply of juice and milk out of fear.

In clients, I see this being far less problematic than other options.

It's a healthier version, higher in omega-3 and CLA content and is devoid of all the nasty hormones, most of which actually make their way into your milk, that regular cows are fed.

Instead, I follow the recommended daily requirements of milk for kids.

In my article I said “I rarely buy juice and milk only goes on cereal.

All babies can digest it, but as we age, we can tend to lose the lactose enzyme that lines our intestine during our infancy. To see if you're affected, try this simple test on yourself: Notice a difference? Yes, that means that selling and buying raw milk is illegal in most states.

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