Asp net objectdatasource updating event


They make it easier to build webpages that access, display, manipulate, and save data. You use these controls to configure access to data that you intend to use on a webpage.

NET that allow you to easily create websites for working with the create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations of an entire data model that exists as either a Data Context (such as LINQ to SQL) or an Object Context (such as LINQ to Entities).Dim Days Of Week() As String = 'Generate random sales data Dim rnd As New Random Dim Sales Per DOW(Days Of Week.Length - 1) As Decimal For i As Integer = 0 To Days Of Week.Please don't create new accounts and ask the same exact question again.Also, please stop prefacing your questions with "".Chart data may also be specified programmatically using a variety of techniques.

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