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At some point after this breakup, however, Klecker’s ex-girlfriend began dating a new boyfriend, whom the deputy believed to be a drug dealer.

Klecker’s first misuse of his position occurred in November 9, 2012, when he called another deputy asking for law enforcement research on this new boyfriend.

Ownership: From the estate of Jenifer Gordon (Cosgriff), friend of Clement Greenberg (influential visual art critic most closely associated with American Modern art of the mid-20th century) and Hazel Guggenheim Mc Kinley (mid-20th century modern artist and sister of Peggy Guggenheim) was in possession of various notable and listed art from the modern art movement during the same period, including an authenticated Kenneth Noland, Jules Olitski, Cora Kelley Ward, David Porter, John Charles Ford, Louis Siegriest, Isamu Noguchi and this Pollock. Artist: Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) Title: Untitled Gouache Subject: Abstract composition in the style of Abstract Expressionism Medium: Mixed, enamel and water based paints Support: Paper glued to Masonite Dimensions: 22 ½ x 32 inches Markings, date, signature: None Pre-Sale Estimate: ,000,000 – ,000,000 Forensic Report: Peter Paul Biro (Forensic Studies in Art) “…

the dating of the painting to the mid twentieth century is well established as no pigments or binding media introduced in the late 1950s and 1960s have been detected.

Brandon Klecker, a seven-year deputy, told one of those cops his ex would be a “good arrest.”“This would really help me out,” Klecker allegedly told that officer, according to newly released internal documents from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. None of those other officers had actually investigated Klecker’s tips, but his excessive urging had raised enough suspicion that the sheriff’s department began investigating him instead.

Seven days later, on Christmas Day 2012, the ex-girlfriend dropped her wallet beneath the passenger seat of her car and reached under the seat to pick it up. Before long, an internal probe discovered claims of simmering violence.

She called the Palm Springs Police department, worried that someone was trying to set her up.“(She) expressed concern she was being followed and further alleged the drugs were possibly planted inside her vehicle by you because you still had the spare key to her vehicle and were trying to get her in trouble,” the sheriff’s department wrote in a termination letter to Klecker.

The final incident involving Klecker occurred in March of 2013, when the deputy allegedly chased and threatened his ex’s new boyfriend.

Klecker did not specifically ask the other deputy to do a CLETS search, but did ask for him to “run” the boyfriend’s name, documents state.

Furthermore, the artist’s working materials and painting technique are illuminated.” Full forensics report available upon request.

Four years ago, a Coachella Valley sheriff’s deputy was fired after internal investigators discovered he had encouraged at least five other police officers to pull over his ex girlfriend and search her vehicle for drugs. It turned out there were drugs in her car, just like Klecker had told the other cops.

In Klecker’s case, the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office at least considered criminal charges, but ultimately declined to prosecute.

John Hall, a DA’s spokesman, said the case had a “lack of sufficient evidence." He would not say what charges were considered.

Klecker, who lives in Cathedral City, attended Cathedral City High School and studied criminal justice at the University of Phoenix, according to his Facebook page.

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