Bank reconciliation updating cashbook


Bank reconciliation doesn’t need to be a costly, time-intensive process for global retailers.

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Legacy systems take time and require a focused staff to manually review and compare ledgers with bank statements on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.Organisations can use various report formats to review and manage specific aspects of the reconciliation process, such as auto-matched or write-off amounts.The best bank reconciliation software solutions will also offer full, real-time visibility of all activity, matches and exceptions, and provide a complete audit trail to help organisations quickly identify and resolve issues.They are therefore debited to the updated Cash book balance.Match the Payments Cash Book [CR side] with the Withdrawals [DR column] of the Bank Statement Place a tick beside common items and an 'x' beside single items.The Cashbook bank reconciliation software module has established greater financial control and a higher level of reporting and detail than ever before for TGI Fridays.

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