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‘White’ is a Suspect category and ‘Anti-Hispanic’ is a Bias category, so white-on-Hispanic hate crimes are recorded as such.But because Hispanics aren’t a Suspect category, the only way to record a Hispanic-on-white hate crime is as a White-on-White hate crime.After the 90 minute ordeal, the suspects tied the victim up and left her by the side of a rural road.On Thursday, the local NBC news affiliate interviewed State Assemblyman David Koon, whose 18-year-old daughter Jennifer was carjacked at the tony Pittsford Plaza in 1993.

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The refusal to confront the obvious racial aspect of the carjackings is reminiscent of the mainstream media’s coverage of the abductions and murders of college students Eve Carson and Lauren Burk in spring 2008.While most whites express approval of black-white marriages in general (78% in 2007, up from 4% in 1958), studies have shown that white women still display strong personal preferences for a white partner.One study found that, after controlling for all other attributes (height, weight, attractiveness, etc.), a black man would need to earn 6,500 to be as appealing to a white woman as would a white man earning ,500. The suspects in all of the attacks are believed to be Dominican, making these hate crimes Hispanic-on-Hispanic.Initially the media spent countless hours analyzing the similarities between the two cases, but after the murderers were captured not one commentator pointed out the glaring fact that both young white women had been murdered by black men.Instead, the coverage shifted, rationalizations were made, and institutional forces took the brunt of the blame.It’s hard to see how one-third of the white women in either group could be raped by black men.

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