Dating sites for dominent and submissives

How can they if they have so much false information?Being a woman and having been a Master myself to both men and women there are a few things I look for to make sure the sub is ready for our relationship. Specific questions: I have very specific questions that I ask.

I always have a contract written up with very specific details. Progression: When a sub starts their role they will most likely stay in what they feel is their safe zone when it comes to sex and punishments.BDSM is about trust and fulfilling the needs of someone else.It is about taking control and fulfilling fantasies.However, newbies to the lifestyle only know what they have heard about and that is that the BDSM has only one aspect; it is purely sexual and you have a Dom/sub relationship. You can be single and play both the Dominant and submissive roles with different people.This is so far from the truth and it really bothers those who are in the BDSM lifestyle. The biggest misconception is that this lifestyle is strictly about sex.You can view thousands of personal pics of fetishists and meet them in real life.

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