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Giving yourself some love before hanging out with your partner will do you a world of good in fending off temptation.

You’ve discharged the sexual tension, on your part at least, by “taking care of yourself” ahead of time.

Shutterstock This is actually a great trick because A) You don’t want to get intimate without these, B) On the rare occasion you would throw caution to the wind and say “screw it, we won’t use one” you’ll immediately feel guilty because they’re just in the next room but C) Your roommate knows you’re trying to be celibate, and you’ll face her look of disappointment if you go asking for one.

Shutterstock When all else fails, have an embarrassing excuse Set yourself up for disaster should you give into temptation. The thought of a guy discovering that could be the thing that saves you at your weakest moment.

However, in history the word celibacy is often used to describe single persons. The ones that complain about their kids and are doing nothing to help. By the way this idiot was damn near bald and the few hairs he still had were ready to commit suicide. I was so annoyed that I just got shut down by a damn near bald idiot that I just kept it moving. How many times would I keep hitting this same wall? In the book Meagan and Devon discuss their unique situation. It’s funny this whole time I thought sex had to be a part of the deal.

The choice to become celibate was one that I have been struggling with for awhile. And let’s not forget the ones that talk to you like you’re an idiot. The next morning after our “cookie exchange” (not sure why I don’t just say sex) he began telling me how I needed to leave quickly because he was going to be late for his haircut appointment. He is a pastor/ film producer and had been celibate for 9 years after a few failed relationships.

He deserves to know why you always say goodnight in the car, or why you refuse to let him see your apartment. Or, if you are staying celibate until marriage, that is something your partner deserves to know so he can decide if that works for him.

They meet and continue on a journey that is funny, rewarding and respectful as a couple. We spoke on the phone a few times and I mentioned one day casually that I was doing “The Wait”. I called it off after realizing he was still “cookie exchanging”with other people. We have spoken since but I get the feeling that he may be taking this as a challenge. I say sure it would be wonderful to see you again but let me tell you about this decision I recently made. So, like, the hashtag relatable part of this isn’t that Nicki Minaj is currently celibate (although, you do you) but that apparently her current celibacy is because — and we quote — Nicki Minaj is very done with men.Not to ruffle any feathers, but any straight woman who’s single and trying to mingle can deeeefinitely relate to that feeling.While we fully respect — and again, super sympathize — with Nicki Minaj’s desire to spend a year without any real dating, because sometimes you just need your own time and space, it’s also nice to hear that she maybe has a good thing going with Nas.What’s maybe nicer to hear is that Nas seems to be okay with giving Nicki the space and distance she needs to be comfortable.Remember why you got into this, and forget what everyone else says.

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