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The goal of this date is, in a small way, to begin desiring to know this person better or to be around them more.

Dates #3-5: For the next few dates, it’s good to have a combination of fun mixed with getting to know your date.

Dates #6-10: Sticking with someone for the next few dates should start to be an enjoyable process (unless you struggle with anxiety, depression or other challenges in which case it may take you longer to enjoy the process).

Deeper conversations should start emerging naturally as the dates progress.

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People tend to speak about themselves negatively and justify it by saying, “I just want to be honest.

I don’t want to hide anything.” Generally speaking, people can see the faults of others; we don’t need to draw extra attention to faults that are already visible to the naked eye.

If there are any more serious things you need to discuss, such as illnesses, you will need to determine when to have that conversation.

Some people start to share things early on while others wait until the relationship is further along.

Since each couple dates for a different amount of time before reaching chuppah, the time frame will be different for each couple. The more time we spend together, the more time I want to spend together.

Neutral doesn't feel great, but it might still be worth giving it a shot.

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