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Keep It Ambiguous To maximize your chances of success, you should ask for the pics in a way that’s open to interpretation.Here’s an example that I use in my texts: “speaking of pics, send me a sexy one” In this case “sexy” is left a bit ambiguous because you didn’t say naked.Lead Off If you know she likes you, then you can initiate the sexy pics.First take a pic of yourself without your shirt on or flexing (as long as you are not super fat) it’s all good. Something along the lines of, “Your turn.” If you just met a girl and you’re not really sure how into you she is, then you can try a more cautious approach.If you are reading this, you’re probably looking for some tips on how to get a girl to take naked pictures or send you some sexy pics.Although I’m not as skilled as a Hugh Hefner, I do have a nice collection I’ve built up over the years.

Steer the Conversation Towards Pictures If you’ve just met the girl or don’t know here that well, when you are texting or in conversation you should just steer the conversation towards pics.

The second part deals with you being physically present and near a girl.

This means you are in the same location – thus it deals with how to get a girl to pose naked for you.

In other words, you’re going to keep the pics these girls send you private and never show them to anyone! In it, I discuss different ways to make that happen.

If you encounter any problems, go to the Troubleshooting section of this post.

So, I’m gonna share the things that have worked for me.

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