Garlitz liquidating agent

Eliakim's wife, Yetaia (who was called “ Yetaia Yairs” ?

Yair's Daughter) was a great expert in muttering against the “evil eye.” People came from all parts of town to ask for treatments for children and adults, men and women, who were affected by eina bisha (evil eye), God help us.

He would sell chits for the ritual slaughter of chickens, and she was the tikern (performer of immersions) in the mikveh (ritual bathhouse), then leased by Leib Shwitzer.

As a result, they received permission to live in an apartment in the mikveh building.

So I take some liquor, that's been made from a bowl full of potatoes, and I enjoy it as if I were eating the potatoes.” Beyond David Klinman's small house was the two-story house of David Turkltaub. During the revolution, in 1905, he did not mince words, and spoke in public in opposition to the revolutionary Jewish youth, in opposition to their socialist aspirations and against their behavior and actions, which flouted both Jewish and universal morality.

The revolutionary court sentenced him to three lashes for this.

But the official name of the street was Warsaw Street. At the front of the house was one store, which belonged to the owner, a wholesale establishment for grocery goods.

In the mid-1930s, when the Town Council gave new names to the streets, this street was called Dashinski after a leader of the P. Until the First World War, when the German occupation authorities controlled grocery goods, there were two wholesale grocery stores in Sierpc, and one of them was that of Kalman Lidzbreski.

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The name, Jewish Street, was accepted by the people, both Jewish and Polish. The first house on Jewish Street, a small one-story house, was that of Kalman Lidzbreski.The next house, a two-story house, belonged to Kalman Kalmanovitch (who was called “ Kalman Schneider” ? The entrance to the yard was in the middle of the house, and not at its side, as was usually the case, and above the entrance there were rooms. Atlas was one of the Enlightened group in town, knowledgeable in the Bible, and proficient in a number of languages.He also belonged to the Hovevei Tzion movement and was one of the first Zionists in town.(The market days were Friday and Tuesday.) He was an honest and reliable person, and the merchants had great confidence in him.He would bring large sums of money from Plock to Sierpc (for the grain), and also from Sierpc to Plock (to merchants, or to the banks) and he always carried out his responsibilities admirably.Across the bridge there was a small house with a store for textile goods.

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