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Very surprising news from extreme metal veterans Arch Enemy as highly celebrated longtime vocalist Angela Gossow has left the band!Along with a statement announcing Gossow's departure, Arch Enemy have also revealed the Agonist's Alissa White-Gluz as the group's new frontwoman.I am sorry some of you are really sad So am I in many ways, it's really hard to say good-bye. The music is still a 100% Arch Enemy, trust me Thank you for the last 13 years, they have been truly wonderful, I enjoyed playing live for many of you, meeting you, interacting with you.I have had a lot of time to reflect on my life in 2013.. I am not sure yet what I'll do with this page, I will most likely use it to keep you up-to-date with all things Arch Enemy, my band management business and whatever else my busy little brain comes across.. Be well, take good care of yourselves and enjoy life.

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I will however remain business manager for ARCH ENEMY, and I will continue to develop my artist management roster.A publicity photo of the band's new lineup can be seen above.Arch Enemy have been around since 1996, and Angela Gossow (pictured at the very bottom of this post) took over for the band's original vocalist Johan Liiva in 2000.It is not often that you get a phone call from your favorite band asking you to join!I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such amazingly talented musicians whom I also consider great friends.To say it's been a big week in the history of Arch Enemy is an understatement.

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