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- Laura Byrne gets an Uber just minutes up the road from her Rushcutters Bay residence to Edgecliff, the next suburb over - She bizarrely exits the Uber and crosses the road, hopping into what appeared to be a Bachelor production crew car- The car heads to Richmond near the foot of the Blue Mountains, driving through several red lights and making a U-turn on a main road to avoid being followed At 8.45pm, Matty arrives back in Bondi, making a swift exit from a chauffeured car and into his home.The car circles the block for 15 minutes before the driver parks and heads inside Matty's home with a backpack and small bag- At 10pm, Laura arrives back at her Rushcutters Bay home, overnight bags in tow.On Friday morning, Laura had got an Uber just a few minutes up the road from her Rushcutters Bay home to Edgecliff, the next suburb over.Bizarrely, she was then seen crossing the road and getting into another car, which appeared to be a Bachelor production crew vehicle.Just over an hour later, at 10pm, Laura returned to her Rushcutters Bay residence, with an overnight bag in tow.At the time, she told Daily Mail Australia she has been staying with her sister Alisha.After denying he'd earned a rumoured 0,000 payout to be 2017's Bachelor, host Matty Acton kept the questions firing and asked about their time together following last night's finale.'Did you guys have sex last night? 'Yes,' responded Matty J without any hesitation, before Laura had a chance to jump in.The happy couple also revealed it had been the first time they'd sat down to watch the serial dating show as a couple.'It was nice to finally watch an episode together,' said Matty.

When asked about her secret weekend away at the same time as Matty J, The Bachelor's Laura Byrne told Popsugar she was in Wollongong - which is located on the coast, south of Sydney.

In a surprise revelation, Matty told The Daily Telegraph on Thursday that he knew Laura was the one on the very first night, and subsequently wanted to send the other contestants home.

Matty said 'I wished I could have' sent the other contestants home at the beginning except for Laura.'Do I wish on night one I could have just said goodbye to the 20 other girls and go Laura’s the one? Matty, who enjoyed passionate moments with multiple contestants during the series, said he hadn't really care about the need to create a compelling series for people to watch.'On the one hand you appreciate there is a TV show being made and you want to be entertaining but at the same time I got what I came for and I don’t care,' he said.

It's also possible Laura's vague answer was referring to her trip to Wollongong on Monday, when she travelled from Sydney to the southern coastal city to visit her grandparents.

When asked by Popsugar about the weekend away, Laura did not flatly deny she enjoyed a secret rendezvous with Matty.

That's a fact.'We lost them when the driver made a sudden evasive U-turn on the road to North Richmond and, last time I checked, Richmond is completely in the wrong direction if you are travelling to Wollongong.

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