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148–157) Jason Monaghan Theory, Practice, and Research in an Urban Unit: A Personal Perspective (pp. Jones Women and Gender Relations in the Roman Empire (pp. Glasgow: Cruithne Press (1999) Edited by Alan Leslie Front Matter (pp. 121–130) Anna Leone And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time…i–iii) Alchemy of Suffering: Hope and Faith Beyond the Healing Art in Roman Britain (pp. Ferris Britannus/Britto: Roman Ethnographies, Native Identities, Labels, and Folk Devils (pp. Matthews Adventus, Patrocinium, and the Urban Landscape in Late Roman Britain (pp. Feet and Shoes as a Material Projection of the Self (pp.122–140) Ross Samson Death into Life: Population Statistics from Cemetery Data (pp. Matthews Function and Symbol: The Development of Towns in Roman Dacia (pp. 22–29) Simon Clarke Romanisation, Status and the Landscape: Extracting a Discrepant Perspective from Survey Data (pp.

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115–132) Rob Poulton & Eleanor Scott Roman–Period Activity at Prehistoric Ritual Monuments in Britain and in the Armorican Peninsula (pp.72–82) Simon Clarke Use of Space and Variability of Ground Plans: A Study of Legionary Centurions’ Quarters (pp. Woolliscroft Treasure: Interpreting Roman Hoards (pp. 99–106) Martin Millett Romano-British Precious Metal Hoards: Some Comments on Martin Millett’s Paper (pp. 25–34) Garrick Fincham Identities in the Late Roman Army: Material and Textual Perspectives (pp. 69–79) Gwyn Davies Animal Iconographies: Metaphor, Meaning and Identity (or Why Chinese Dragons Don’t Have Wings (pp. Aldhouse Green An Archaeology of Food: A Case Study From Roman Britain (pp.83–89) Birgitta Hoffmann Reading the Tea Leaves, Signalling as a Means of Prophesy on Roman Frontiers (pp. 107–117) Catherine Johns An Archaeology of Homosexuality? 118–132) Keith Matthews You Are What You Eat: Diet, Identity and Romanisation (pp. Meadows Roman Imports into Late Iron Age British Societies: Towards a Critique of Existing Models (pp. Oxford: Oxbow Books (1997) Edited by Karen Meadows, Chris Lemke & Jo Heron Front Matter and Editors’ Preface (pp. 35–47) Andrew Gardner Medicine, Culture and Military Identity (pp. 94–103) Gillian Hawkes Small Finds: Problems and Possibilities (pp. Aldershot: Avebury (1993) Edited by Eleanor Scott Front Matter (pp. Bridging the divide: A Commentary on Theoretical Roman Archaeology (pp. TRAC (Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference) 1991 (pp. 5–22) Eleanor Scott Attitudes to Roman Imperialism (pp.23–27) Richard Hingley Theory and Roman Archaeology (pp.33–47) Alex Woolf Reading the Roman House: The Social Interpretation of Spatial Order (pp. Richardson Thinking the Unthinkable: Human Sacrifice in Roman Britain? 131–140) Carol van Driel-Murray Soranus and the Pompeii Speculum: The Sociology of Gynaecology and Roman Perceptions of the Female Body (pp.

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