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I have decorated it with a lot of poppies and white doves.‘The poppies stand for freedom and peace in England and commemorate fallen and injured soldiers during the past two world wars.‘Two neighbours want it removed, but at the moment all is fine because the Interior Ministry recognised that the tank is demilitarised, stands on private property and is not visible from the streets.’Although Mr Blackburn says he has welcomed visitors curious to see his display, the Bonn-based General Anzeiger newspaper has carried less-then complimentary stories.‘Conflict in Kretzhaus – tank displeases the neighbourhood’, read one of its headlines.

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An English tree surgeon living in Germany has caused uproar by turning his garden into a quirky tribute to Britain – complete with a 52-ton tank on the lawn.Mr Blackburn told how the idea for acquiring the tank came after he saw one while working on a farm – and that its purchase fulfilled a childhood dream.He said: ‘When I was three years old, my father gave me a model of the Centurion tank.Our story begins many years before...about 7 years earlier to be exact.We met in 1997 when we were both silly elementary school kids in Mrs. We instantly became good buddies and "hung out" with the same group of friends. Come to find out (MANY years later), D had been going through some issues with his current circle of friends..stemming from a horrible ex-girlfriend.I could not resist.’Mr Blackburn is unperturbed by the adverse reaction.

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