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Anyway so ummm I’ve not been getting any “upkeep” these days, last night I could hardly sleep I desired sex so bad lol.So really thanks for replying to my ad I’m happy you did I sense I want to try with you.

lid=2F28HT Right after they will email me telling me all is ok and then I’ll give you my cell.lid=8895c0 After you do this they will email me saying that your all good and then I’ll give you my cell.They only give one free invitation per month and I’m giving it to you so please don’t waste it otherwise I have to pay. “Deanne Sloan” sent me a really hot photo of herself topless, but as usual these are NOT real photos of real women.These pics are taken from online porn sites and then emailed to guys when they respond to Craigs List personal ads.Anyway I sent an extra photo like I said so you can see a little bit more.:) Ok so really I’m not into a ton of messages, I’m down for getting together, ok?

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