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Sydney Trains, an Australian transit company, recently released footage from August 2017 showing a man jumping onto the tracks before leaping back onto an adjacent platform. Officials described the individual as "idiotic" and "reckless," as his actions nearly caused his legs to be smashed by the train.The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is installing massive, 25-ton floodgates and other state-of-the-art measures to protect New York City’s train and vehicle tunnels.Is there such thing as normal sexuality, and is it healthy to teach our young people about sex from this perspective? Check out our podcast and sign up for our email newsletter.Europeans tend to see a lot of American ideals and behaviors as bizarre. Are we supposed to eat our food or have sex with it, Carl’s Jr.? Not with freedom, fast food, or the right to bear arms, but with sex and sexual propriety.Every day, politicians and businesses are debating what we do with our bodies, contraception, sex education in schools and the relative rights of homosexuals and heterosexuals.

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This presents more questions than answers: What is it about America that makes us so interested in other people's nocturnal adventures?In video games like has been linked to teen suicides. By contrast, the Netherlands had a teen birth rate of 5.3 per 1,000, Switzerland is 4.3 per 1,000, and Germany is 9.8 per 1,000. Research has shown that non-sexual physical contact has a profound impact on people's emotional and physical well-being.While this is considered fine and normal, showing the naked or partially naked human body on TV is considered extremely taboo. Europeans also have have lower STI rates, and far lower rates of HIV/AIDS. Despite this knowledge, and our hyper-sexualized tendencies, America is one of the most touch-phobic countries in the world.In contrast, approximately ZERO people have been murdered trying to have or facilitate a safe and legal abortion in Europe. In Europe, however, circumcision is rare and generally frowned upon.A 2013 resolution called male ritual circumcision a “violation of the physical integrity of children,” and was passed overwhelmingly by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.But many violent movies are 16 in Holland and PG/PG-13 in the U. In one study, American adolescents were shown to touch each other far less and be more aggressive toward their peers compared with French adolescents.

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