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” As per the above, this line isn’t popular with either sex, and as such has minimal success rates according to our poll.A combination of being rather-too-forward and incredibly cheesy, this one could wind up getting you a slap, as opposed to a number.Keep it honest; if you like the look of someone- tell them!

Whilst we can’t deny that we cringed a bit, it’s a winner for making the ladies smile!David Bacon wrote the SETL compiler used to prototype the early versions of ALICE.Jacco Bikker wrote an AIML interpreter in C and corrected much of the original AIML content.4) “Get your coat, you’ve pulled.” Feedback on this line is simply that it’s been done to death, so is known to be exactly what it is: a corny chat-up line. ” This line encompasses all the things you shouldn’t do when trying to attract the opposite sex.Many women feel the line is disingenuous and, in all honesty, lacking in effort; so try harder if you want dating success! It’s impersonal, cheesy and, let’s be honest, doesn’t make sense!Thanks are also due to the many people who asked the "frequently asked questions" that form the basis of this document.

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