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Higher up are square holes, probably for wooden hoardings to protect the defenders. There has been no portcullis at the great gate, the drawbridge being the only defence. His terrifying rampage ended only when he shot himself at a Lake District beauty spot.An eyewitness saw Bird park up outside Mr Commons's home at 5.30am on Wednesday, and three hours later locals heard four loud bangs ring out.This dry ditch was crossed by a draw- bridge, raised at will from the entrance tower by chains, the holes lor which may still be seen in the face of the tower.

A httle further on the farm Calder Hall is passed, once the manor house of the Lordship of Calder. Godderthwaite is passed (on the right), Blackbeck crossed, and Kirbeck (the stream of churches), by ' Street ' Bridge. The principal approach was from the old bridge, the road 6 THE GOSFORTH DISTRICT. The left hand road goes to Sellafield, past the quaint old house Sellapark, and the curiously named hamlet of Yottenfews. It is a natural hill, but steeply scarped and improved by art ; and is surrounded on three sides by a plateau also scarped, along the edge of which once ran a strong palisade, probably continued on the south, where there is no plateau, up to the castle wa U. ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 1833 00730 6589 ©umbrrlan D anh Mfstmorlanb Antiquarian anh VOL. A mile or two further on, Egrement comes in sight, to which there is a sharp descent past a road end called St. On reaching the town the abutments of the old bridge can be seen on the left. Near where it passed through the palisades traces of a barbican tower to guard the gate may be seen. THE GOSFORTH DISTRICT: ITS ANTIQUITIES AND PLACES OF INTEREST. Becker met is seen on the left, the site of Carnarvon Castle being close by, and Yeorton on the right. from which divided, one branch coming up on to the eastern plateau to the postern gate. His business partner Markus Nickson said: 'He truly was an exceptional man.' Ken Fishburn, 72, travelled around the world in the Royal Artillery and was killed 20 yards from his front door. Neighbour Mike Sharkey said: 'Ken was a thoroughly hard-working, decent man.' James Jackson, a former Sellafield plant manager, and wife Jennifer were enjoying their retirement in the hamlet of Wilton where they were shot.

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