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If we were in person, would this be an awkward moment? Ben: There are so many people giving advice these days. People who seek out coaching are probably self-starters and will do better anyways Penelope: Yeah. But I think probably people who are self-starters are good at getting mentors. My therapists help me when I am too messed up to do what mentors recommend. Sometimes the mentor doesn't fully understand the situation, so I can't. Penelope: But sometimes I find that I don't have the self-knowledge I need to know if I want to do what the mentor recommends. So I think the truth is probably that we can all learn a bit from a coach. Ben: That doesn't prove a causal relationship to the coaching.

Ben: Do you enjoy writing your "five tips" posts as much as your more narrative posts? The one's where I wrote a story, with no point. Penelope: I think you would be surprised how little negativity there is in being the phone you on your blog. That I’m more interesting in person than on the blog. Ben: I basically think that everybody care a lot about what everybody thinks. Look at the letters to the editor in a book review section.

Ben: If you write about having abortions, being sexually abused, etc, it's hard to think of topics that you would NOT write about. I think all people are interesting if you talk with them about the right stuff.

Because this is not going to be a good post for my company if I write really a topic that I censor. But you can find ten million blog posts about those topics that are painfully boring. Penelope: I think interesting sentences makes writing interesting. Because I can tell how much you care about craft and then I don't care so much that I spent two hours on the links to a post.

A lot of my five tips posts are the ones that have the most narrative. Or it has nothing to do with writing and everything to do with notions of privacy. A lot of people say I'm disappointing in person. This is the part of me that is self-censoring, I guess. Penelope: I am not sure if people know how much I care about what they think. I mean, the commenters on my blog rip me to shreds, and I'm okay. Or if you just sent out those posts on a private email list to 50 people who would offer mature, constructive feedback. Penelope: I like hearing from people I don't know.

Perhaps that's a sign of my lack of confidence in my writing. Penelope: I can't decide if I should have you cut that part. Who knows how you'd be if you didn't put yourself out there as much?

I think young professionals want to be known for their ideas. I guess it's just we each have different types of self-censoring. All people are interesting to an extent; not all people are good writers Penelope: Yes. I think good writing takes tons and tons of practice.

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