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These forecasts are not 100% accurate, again like real life.The temperature can be off by as much as 5 degrees either higher or lower.Heavy rain causes lightning that can strike lots and even Sims, possibly killing.Sims are only supposed to get struck by lightning if outside with an umbrella. Lucky Sims are 75% less likely to be struck by lightning, while the Unlucky are 75% more likely to be struck.Weather is dependent on the temperature, less so than the current Season, much as it is in the real world.

Sims 3 Supernatural Cross-Feature: The Weather Stone If you own both The Sims 3 Seasons and The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion Pack, you can use a new feature called the Weather Stone.

Fairies can use the Weather Stone to to bring a reviving rain that will water plants, fertilize them and take care of any weeding that needs to be done.

Vampires can use it to conjuer an Eclipsing Fog that will guarantee they can drink from or turn Sims.

If a Sim wants to go to the beach and not get burned, they can use the new Sun Parasol. The simplest way to beat the heat is to head indoors as all buildings are climate-controlled. Rain Rain gets Sims a soaked moodlet, at least those without an Umbrella.

Umbrellas can be bought under Outdoor Activities in Buy Mode's Outdoors tab.

Lightning Lightning is caused by rain and appears at Moderate rainfalls.

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