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With all the chaos of a cattle market; I felt there had to be a better way. Across all demographics I asked women what they didn’t like about online dating. I found three barriers kept recurring: Safety, information and intention. We simply looked at the problems and created the solution.

Her Smile was created as a solution to these barriers. They are harassed aggressively or as over half have reported they’re subjected to sexual explicit messages. You’re asked to write reams of text to sum up your great sense of humour… Messages are sent out left, right and centre so when you do hear from someone you have no idea they’re genuinely interested in you or if you were just the first to ‘take the bait! How does Her Smile set itself apart from other dating sites?

If you prefer desktop viewing our website links directly to the apps.

To preview the app and receive a complimentary account here are the download links: Google App: click here Apple App: click here Website: visit Her Absolutely! To receive a complimentary account create a profile on Her Smile and email Founders Account to [email protected] The more people that know about us the better our introductions can be.

Intrigued with the strapline “The only relationship site to assure the intention behind an introduction.” I decided to dig a little deeper and got in touch with them via Twitter (@Her Smile UK) to ask more about it and I was pleased that they agreed to answer a few questions, the interview follows below…

Cosmo Currey is the founder and owner of Her Smile.

Her ‘Smile of Approval’ lets him know the interest is mutual and he can contact her further.

Throughout nature females select males with great care, while males pursue partnership opportunities.

Her Smile is the first introductory site designed to reflect these inherited instincts; men pay per opportunity (introduction) and women, for a fixed fee, screen an unlimited number of suitors.

At 28 having lived abroad for 10 years and with a variety of languages under his belt he came home.

After three years studying the online dating industry and with his knowledge of the barriers people face when meeting online he founded The industry is worth over 2 billion dollars, growing at 5% each year they expect by 2040 70% of us will have met our partners online.

If she doesn’t reply, we’ll return his credit for him to use again in future introductions.

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