Tribal wars auto updating maps


If so, perhaps you could clarify it by having the icon for the ruins be hanging a bit towards the sea, on top of the coastline as it were, so that it's clear that the sea route only connects to it....Also, a textual explanation of the war zone would be a good addition...something like "territories in the warzone all assault each other", just so it's clear to the players. UPDATE INFO-2011-05-01: Added text descriptions for the Timucua War Zone, as well as territory labels and abbreviations to the legend.I know it looks like a lot, and maybe flipping some of the icons around would make it a little less congested, but we think it looks pretty good, and actually there are more complicated maps that we have seen. I'm a bit concerned though, that the war zone might be a bit too tight for the small map... What I suggest is "zooming in" to the land area a bit more. However, from the gameplay point of view I am a bit concerned with the war zone.All initial territories are placed at random from available starting points.2 = 8 territories3 = 8 territories4 = 5 territories5 = 5 territories6 = 5 territories7 = 5 territories8 = 5 territories You are going to need territory names, though. Excluding the fort and conquistador, any one the territories can be attacked by any territory bordering the area (6 territories in all), and all territories within that zone can attack each other, and any of the 6 bordering territories.

That being said, if adding sea routes makes the map more playable, or more challenging then we could easily add them.Which we do recognize has it's place, and if our map is that place we are all for it.Well, the sea routes are no biggie to me, just voicing personal opinion. Jeaga and Tequesta territories have one, but the other 2-territory 'continent' (Ais) has none.The Conquistador can only be attacked by a territory within the Timucua zone, and is the only territory that can attack the fort. Perhaps you could create some simple, yet distinctive native american-style patterns for each teepee.This could be a way to better tell the tribes apart, while still keeping your colour palette. something about the ocean colour feels wrong to me. perhaps something less saturated and faded, while still keeping some contrast with the land colours...To boot, the 3-territory (Choctaw) continent has none.

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