Updating intellisense disable


Phil Borghesani Axel M Hi, The same problem, but with one advantage, I can share the code. The funny thing, I used it until today with no problem. And the funny thing is that the intellisense in VC8 does not pick up changes to header files as well as VC 7.1 used to -- and VC 7.1 did not peg the CPU every time I saved a file.

My guess is that Intellisense performance is killed by some of the following: excessive use of templates in code, #import for large native COM classes (biggie IMO), errors in parsing which cause loops (i.e.

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from debug to release and back) Does your code make heavy use of preprocessor macros Thanks, 2500 cpp files. Some more info on the problem: I observed that the file is being sloooooooowly generated while this message "Updating intellisense" is on, until it reaches 11Mb in my case.

For each new solution that is opened, Visual Studio 2005 needs to create a new Intelli Sense database map for the current solution.

Because of the way Plex creates solutions when performing automated compiles of Win C and Win NTC code, this can lead to slow load times when loading projects being built.

Disable Visual Studio 2005 Intelli Sense Microsoft Intelli Sense technology allows text-based editor tools in Microsoft development environments to parse characters being entered by a developer and intelligently suggest completions for the symbols they are typing.

This technology relies on a large database of ‘precompiled’ symbols relevant to the current project or solution being used.

When you do this VS will now look for a file in the same directory as the script file you are referencing, and if found will use it for help and intellisense.

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