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In week 8, Song became Head of Household for the first time.

As HOH, Song won a special trip outside of the Big Brother house to attend the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

In week 7, Song and Irwin formed an alliance to go to the final two together.

Their first decision as an alliance was to vote to evict Jack Owens and take Landin to the final three with them.

The challenge came down to a tiebreaker, which Song purposely threw so that Irwin could become the last HOH and be the one to evict Roman and at the same time lose his jury vote.

On day 82, during the live finale, Song was declared the winner of the show in a 6-1 jury vote.

Her disappearance from the house played a part in the Veto competition, which was held before nominations for a second time that season, as the houseguests had to guess where Song was.

In 2013, she wrote a scathing letter to Julie Chen, host of the show, criticizing Chen for her approach to the issues of racism in Big Brother 15.On day 61, Irwin Vetoed herself and Robert Roman was named the replacement nominee.By a 2-0 vote, Choe was unanimously evicted from the house.On day 33, Song survived eviction and Varela was unanimously evicted.On day 43, Song won the Power of Veto and did not use it, securing Head of Household Erika Landin's plan to evict Justin Giovinco, the houseguest they viewed as the biggest threat in the game.After winning Big Brother, Song found out her father was in a coma. While vacationing in Dominican Republic she met Belgian Davy Goethals. Goethals, who is five years younger, initially rebuffed her as he was in a committed relationship back home.

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