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But I’ve also been over six figures in debt, lonely and depressed more than once, and wondering what the heck I did to get into such sticky situations.William Blake says that “the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom,” and in both my business and with what I teach, I hope to impart what wisdom I have to others.She’s also prone to flirting with danger – she likes to pop a cocktail of pills and wash them down with alcohol.WHAT THIS MEANS: He’s probably a super-nice guy, says dating coach Dr David Tian. HE LIKES: Penny from The Big Bang Theory HER PROFILE: She’s not quite the dumb blonde, but she’s certainly not as smart as her physicist neighbours. WHAT THIS MEANS: He’s outgoing and unconventional, like this chick, but is probably not the smartest dude around.He has held numerous academic fellowships, including from Princeton, Harvard, Tsinghua University in Beijing, Peking University, The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the University of Toronto and Mc Gill University.In August 2011 he resigned from his professorship to form Aura Dating Academy in Singapore and pursue his calling as a Dating Coach.David prides himself of an academic and intellectual approach to attraction and seduction and boasts of in-depth research into neuroscience, psychology, biology, sociology, literature, philosophy, history, and the behavioural sciences in forming his dating programs.His other products include The Girlfriend Activation System and The Desire System which we have reviewed on our site.

He has appeared numerous times on both national and international news and similar broadcasts and is well respected as a dating coach (as apposed to a Pick Up Artist).

A rare gem in an often overcrowded market, this product represents a high standard for dating products everywhere.

was born in Taiwan to a conservative Christian Taiwanese family and spent his early developmental years growing up in Kansas City, Missouri and then later Toronto, Canada.

The program was shot over a 4 day seminar in 2015 in Singapore using state of the art recording equipment.

While the bulk of the program consists of lectures by David Tian and guests, some of the program also includes questions and answers by attendees, which adds for a nice touch and helps clarify points that any listener would raise.

The program represent the first major release within the men’s dating niche in over a year and is set to be the highest production quality program to date.

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