Personal plug alert: After reading Donald’s thoughtful post, consider looking at my take on this subject. Evagrius Ponticus, John, and Barsanuphius by Dunstan Boyko at Dunmoose the Ageless.

Modern Christianity, especially Evangelical Christianity, has had little contact with earlier Christian writings, especially those from the catholic tradition.

Kudos to all who have done this ahead of me and I offer my prayers for those coming behind.

EDT, but I underestimated the amount of work involved.

” Underneath that blog question lies a much deeper and important quest. Using a political milestone as inspiration, he considers some contemporary cases, including those of presidents, where his arguments might apply.


It is also the day when the second of the two great centers of Japanese Christianity was destroyed in 1945 by the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki. Confronting what she sees as Jesse Jackson’s twisting of scripture and the ministry of Jesus into something she doesn’t recognize, La Shawn questions how a “Reverend”, whom one would expect to know how to interpret the Bible properly, instead seems willing to pervert anything, even the Word of God, for political gain. ) La Shawn has a new website in case you haven’t visited her in a while. He wants weddings to speak to the grace of God as well as the commitment of those being married. Sin, a volatile subject, which bounces between the Scylla of Pharaseeism and the Charybdis of antinomianism.Brandon challenges us to do a little theology in his post on the doctrine of the Trinity.Arguing against the negative theology that has been thrown against this doctrine, Brandon defends this fundamental Christian belief from the charge of inconsistency that has been brought against it. God and Science Majors by Donald Crankshaw at Back of the Envelope.Dunstan gives us an overview of three early Christian writers, two of whom were hermits, with some thoughts on their importance. Greg does a brief Bible study on praying for our nation and its leaders, in which he argues for the only effective way to change the direction of this nation. Shellshock: Nam ’67 by Hal Paxton at The Great Separation.He also explains for those who did not know, like myself, where the list of “The Seven Deadly Sins” came from. Pro Choice by Elena La Victoire at My Domestic Church. His approach is non-partisan and though I have strong political views, I wholeheartedly agree with his approach, since before God we are sinners and equally lost without Jesus Christ. Like other forms of entertainment, video games continue to test the limits of acceptability, even for the marginal sociopaths among us.No, we should allow God to use them to engage and challenge our thinking.

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